Friday, July 3, 2009

Our new furbaby

Look who we're adopting! This sweet little girl was picked up by a high kill shelter and was RESCUED by MuttsnStuff. She was pregnant, and pregnant dogs are euthenized. After being fostered by her sweet foster mommy, with her three puppies for two months, she is now ready for a forever home.....and that home is with us. After she is spayed on Monday she gets to come home and get spoiled. She has had a rough two years, but, from now on, she will be loved. Thank you MuttsnStuff and thank you Kelli for saving this sweet little girls life.
UPDATE............she is getting spayed tomorrow morning (Tuesday), so we should have her in a few days.


jandokan said...

Ohhhhh what a cutie :D
Glad you can give her a good home and all the love she needs :)

Hugs Anja

KreatesKards said...

Look at those eyes ... no wonder you fell in love with her. Give her a big hugs and a kiss for me too. She is going to get so much love. You are her guardian angel.

Kelly Booth said... Cute!! i am a Firm Believer that Little White fluffy dogs are the BEST!!!

Regina Easter said...

oh D, how awesome....she is one lucky doggie to be going home with such wonderful people.....happy for all 3 of you...hugs

Rachel said...

She's precious...I'm so happy you're opening your home and your heart to a new puppy!!!

Christine said...

She is adorable. She looks a lot like my sweet little Chloe!


corlbay said...

She's adorable-thanks so much for rescuing instead of buying!!