Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Haunted House (video #12)


Melissa said...

Love the card and thanks for the video! I have a question about your I-Rock. I had read on another blog somewhere that some of the I-Rock's were bad...I think they referred to is as the "older ones". I was at my M's the other day and was going to get one and I noticed that there shelves were stocked with 2 different one. Some of them had printed flowers on the handle...almost resembling a rub on and some of them had more of a etched looking set of flowers, meaning carved into the handle. Do you have any clue which is the newer version and which one do you have?


mickeydee said...

Hi Melissa. I bought my I-Rock as soon as Michaels got them in. I have had it for awhile now. I know that several people had problems with theirs. The batteries would fall out, was the main complaint I heard about. Mine has always worked fine. I am assuming I have the older version, but, I haven't had any problems with it. I did buy another brand that plugs in, in case mine breaks though!

Rachel said...

Dianne you are just rocking those videos...good job!!