Friday, October 7, 2011

Another Update

Well, now I cannot walk at all. I have had my second spinal tap, but still no diagnosis. I am stuck in bed. I hope to get my legs back and get back into my stamp room, until then, I just wait to figure out what this is.


crayola58 said...

Dianne, I am so sorry that you are still in this situation. I am sending hugs and prayers, please know that you are truly on my mind.

Anonymous said...

I hope they find somthing soon. Miss your videos but your heath in
most important.Will keep you in my

Get Well Hug
Shirley Birnbaum

cardchick's world said...

keep up your spirits...prayers and big hugsgoing out to you...
all things are possible to those that believe!!!!!

Brens Designs said...

Dianne... I am so very sorry that you are going through this with your health. I will add you to my prayers and pray that they figure out what the problem is soon and fix it. God Bless you!!!

Anonymous said...

How are you doing.. Have not seen a post in a very long time.