Friday, December 14, 2012

Snowfall pair

This snowfall pair took 4 attempts at a video. First time,  it was out of frame, 2nd attempt, I turned on the camera and didn't push the film button, 3rd time, as soon as I started the video the camera battery died, 4th try it finally worked. whew!


SusanK said...

Aaah, this is so sweet! Glad you were persistent to try a 4th time! I know I would have given up on the 3rd (supposedly a charm!).

Sandi said...

Dianne, love the huggie snowpeople, sometimes the hardest thing about getting a post done is the photo, hugs

stamppurr said...

very cute card
so glad to hear the good news keep it up
crafting does many things

Regina Easter said...

this is so cute and I am the happy person who got it in the mail.........yipeeeeeeeeee

cardchick's world said...

Too Cute!!!yay for you for not giving up!!! and what awesome news!!!!