Sunday, January 13, 2013

Oops, my video is squeaking

Oh my goodness, I just listened to the video below and mid way through the video, I hear my little dogs tags jingling and then she proceeds to squeak her little tennis ball. I thought I noise proofed the video, by moving my phone to another room, turning off the TV, shutting the door so she wouldn't bark at anything going by, and then she still found a way to be in the video............Yikes!   Sorry....sigh


Sandi said...

heee heeee when I listened I thought you had a bird, lol, it was a great tutorial, hugs

SusanK said...

I thought it was sweet and she/he just didn't want to be left out!

cardchick's world said...

tooo funny..I didn't notice..going back to rewatch it just to listen to background sounds...LOL