Sunday, September 1, 2013

It's a secret

Now that my hubby has to go into my craft room and bring all my supplies to me (he's made a million trips it seems). You know how many tools, products, and embellies it takes to make one card! He does the die cutting and some of the punches for me because I can't get the leverage I need to use them since I'm in the bed. He surprised me yesterday with this handmade birthday card! Isn't this awesome? A real treasure. What a guy! He was a little embarrassed for me to show my friends so I am going to show it here. He never looks at my blog!


SusanK said...

He definitely should NOT be embarrassed for this card to be seen by one and's t-riffic! What a good hubby you have...and so well trained! lol hb, my friend!

Anna from Reno said...

The card your hubby made is just terrific. I'd be proud to show that off.


Hope it is a wonderful day for you.


cardchick's world said...

That is awesome!!! you have a perfect gem...great card too...he is catching on
You have a blessed family and should be proud!!

Regina Easter said...

oh my goodness, he did such an amazing job....what a guy...i hope you had a wonderful bd...

Carole Beath said...

Oh Dianne, this is absolutely precious. Your husband is a wonderful man. Hugs.

Kimberlee said...

Happy Birthday Dianne

What a great card your husband
made for you. I am sure you were
very pleased. I love reading your
post and keeping up with your card
making and all your great tips.
God bless you. hug Kimberlee

Sandi said...

Dianne, what a treasure you have in that guy, and belated happy birthday to you, he did a fab job on your card, hugs