Wednesday, June 19, 2013


We have changes all of a sudden. My nurse had to leave me because she got another job, my Kaiser nurse discharged me from the Palliative care program today because she felt that my hubby knows how to take care of me, and that he can handle my meds. Usually you go from Palliative care to Hospice, so, being discharged from Palliative care is a good thing! It's good news, with a bit of concern that we are on our own now. Yesterday at chemo, my dr. stopped the bone strengthening IV meds because I have been on it long enough. That takes two hours off my chemo visit. It was nice to get home sooner. I only have one IV drug there from now on. So, here we go, on another cancer adventure....tfl...d


SusanK said...

Sounds like things are getting better for you, such as 'getting better' means. Less time in the infusion suite is a good thing! And maybe the change in your nursing staff is also a good thing; you have a wonderful husband to step in. Just make sure he gets some TLC, too. Hugs....

Regina Easter said...

hey d sounds like these are good changes.....wish I lived closer to help you out when hubby needs to be away....hugs

Cameron VSJ said...

Hi D,

I was hoping I could run a quick question by you about your blog here, but I cant seem to find any contact information to reach you. Would you mind sending me an email when you get this? Thanks!

cameronvsj@gmail. com