Saturday, June 15, 2013

The meaning of the sentiment

I used the sentiment in the Simon Sais June card kit. Where in the world would I be without you has a very deep meaning in our home. My husband is the only who can lift me in and out of the bed, wheelchair and car. My only option is a nursing home if he can't take care of me. My nurse quit a few weeks ago, and my Kaiser Home Health nurse has discharged me from the program. We are on our own now! But, being discharged from Palliative care is a good thing because I am doing so well right now, that they don't feel that I need them. The other option with Palliative care, is going on to Hospice care. If you go on to Hospice, you are doing pretty bad, so, being discharged from Palliative care is a good thing! It doesn't change that I am still bedbound, but, it means that they think we can handle things on our own.


Regina Easter said...

your husband is a wonderful man D. I am so glad that your stronger to not have that care ya

Sandi said...

Oh Dianne, you are blessed to have that wonderful dh and I was so excited to see that you are stronger, may it continue on and on dear one, you are always in my prayers, hugs

Kimberlee said...

God bless your husband and God bless you. You are in my prayers.