Friday, April 11, 2014

April update

I had 3 Dr. appointments this week. On Monday I saw an ear specialist about my hearing, or lack of hearing! I have fluid behind my eardrums. My hearing has improved but not completely. If it doesn't improve I may have to have tubes put in my ears. Oh, my grandsons are going to get a kick out of that! They had to get tubes when they were little and probably didn't think that was for old people!
Tuesday I had chemo and Wednesday I had an MRI. Dr. is checking to see if the Tycurb pills are helping the cancer in my brain or not. Thank you for your prayers, they are giving me so much comfort.


SusanK said...

Hope you get some positive news from the dr! Keeping you in my thoughts, my west coast friend!

stamppurr said...

your in my prayers and thank you for posting may the dr have great news

cardchick's world said...

I was excited to see your post in my email..My prayers are continuing for you and your family. stay strong and positive sweet's been
almost a year since my daughter's bone marrow transplant and some symptoms are starting to appear so back to testing..I'm believing in the best for the both of you...thank you thank for taking time to share with us Big ((((((HUGS))))))

Anonymous said...

I think of you often.

Carole Beath said...

Oh dear one, I send prayers and daily thoughts to you. You are a brave warrior.
Big Hugs.

Kimberlee said...

Hi Dianne,

You are in my heart and prayers. Thank you so much for making your
videos on your cards. What talent
you have. You are a great teacher.
Will be waiting to read a post from
you again.
Love Kimberlee